It is only with the Heart that one can see Rightly; What is essential is invisible to the Eye.
- The fox, in The Little Prince
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Visioning® Starts With the Heart

Visioning® emphasizes the heart’s desire, not what we “think” we want or what we think is “possible” or “practical.” The dramatic stories in my book Visioning® are examples of “impossible dreams” that came true. Included is my story of how I manifested my dream house on the central coast of California.

Visioning® gets us out of our “practical” mind and into what Walt Disney Imagineers call, blue sky thinking. Visioning® gets us out of the left brain linear mind and into the right brain creative process.

We enter the heart through the right brain, through our feelings and senses. This is what sets Visioning® coaching apart from other methods. Starting with a Creative Self meditation, we write a focus phrase with the nondominant hand. This is a sure fire way to access the right brain. We continue letting the heart speak through images with the collage process, a right brain experience accompanied by music created especially for Visioning® by recording artist, Jessie Allen Cooper.

Visioning process: writing completing journal entry

Visioning® leads to the inner truth. It works for all areas of life: health, life planning, career, relationships, retirement, finances, travel, hobbies, spiritual life and more. It works in helping us discover parts of ourselves we didn’t know.

We need men who can dream of things that never were. - John F. Kennedy

A frequent response from Visioning® clients and workshop participants after they write their focus phrase is: This isn’t what I thought I was going to work on at all! The keyword here is thought. Thinking does not take us to the heart. We need to get out of left brain ruts and tap into the feeling-centered right brain. The focus phrase process lets our soul and heart speak their mind.

The greatest block to creativity and listening to our heart’s desire is the editorial mind or Inner Critic. We uncover blocks of self-criticism and self-doubt (the inner saboteurs) through written dialogues between the Inner Critic and the Creative Child within. As we unmask the critic and give the Child permission to feel, to get angry, to sass back, we gain strength to move toward our dream.

Visioning process: sharing the Visioning Journal